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Drag & Drop Form Builder

The form building interface in mpro5 is very spreadsheet-like. It would be great it we could improve the UI to allow our team and customers to build flows using a drag & drop editor. A number of competitors offer this functionality.
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / UI / UX 2 Future consideration

Drag & Drop Capability for relationship creation / management

It would be really useful to provide some function that could be re-used to create relationships between items in mpro5 in bulk and quickly. For example, Filtering a grid of Sites Filtering a grid of Flows Dragging them together to create the assi...
Fred Whipp over 1 year ago in Assets / Customers / Sites / Locations (CRM) / Depots / Flows / Jobs / UI / UX / Users 0 Awaiting Information

Import Pre-Built Flows from a Template Library

When starting out with mpro5 - as a customer we have to wait for flows to be built either through the website or by the mpro5 team. If we could choose some pre-built workflows from a centralised repository (maybe broken down by industry / process)...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / Imports 0 Future consideration

Contactless Online Signature Capture

Given COVID-19 and the push to contactless - it would be great if mpro5 could take a signature of a third party by letting them use their own device. Using their own device, they scan a QR code on the mpro5 app, they sign using a website or simila...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / Jobs 0 Future consideration

Flow versioning - Make flow modify date visible on mobile app & record against each submitted flow

Would it be possible to create a version number and update it each time something new is added to the flow that would require a sync. When the user logs in can you capture the flow version from their device and compare it with the current live one...
Guest over 1 year ago in Flows 2 Awaiting Information

Add PayPal payment links within Flows

It may be useful for us to include simple PayPal payment links within flows which can be configured as needed to take a payment.
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows 0 Future consideration

Ability to trigger another flow based off the first and re-use data from it

Some competitors offer the ability to trigger another flow once the first has been completed and crucially re-use some of the data from the first flow. For example, a user could: Complete a flow gathering new customer information which then opens ...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Automation / Flows 0 Future consideration

Pre-Fill Selectable Answers to Questions from Uploaded Data

It would be good if we could upload data for either: Pre-filling questions within flows e.g. address / name etc Providing a list of answers to a question Other competitors offer this datastore functionality whereby a user can upload a spreadsheet ...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / Imports 0 Future consideration

mpro5 flow on stand-alone tablet (Kiosk mode)

Other providers have the ability to provide a terminal with the ability to complete one flow. This may be useful for gathering customer feedback in high footfall environments e.g. the Happy / Sad / Angry faces for example.
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows 0 Future consideration

Ability to design user approval flows for Forms

Some competitors offer the ability to design approval workflows tied to specific users e.g. Complete a flow As part of that flow either: Select the approver for the flow Have the system automatically assign a specified user to approve This could b...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / Users 0 Future consideration