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Ability to have different job numbers for each visit of a recurring job

We have had this a few times before - but the recurring job numbers always use the same job number as the one preceding it. We need the option to select if this issues a new job number on job create, or uses the existing job number - perhaps also ...
Dan Teare over 1 year ago in Jobs 2 Awaiting Information

Client portal ability to edit request associated with a job

Addition of an edit button to the Job Search on a portal login to edit the requests associated with the Job
Guest over 1 year ago in Client Portal / Jobs 0 Already exists

Client portal users should be able to search jobs by postcode

As a lot of jobs for some customers are assigned to specific stores or locations, it would be great to find these by postcode
Guest over 1 year ago in Client Portal 0 Already exists

Increase area for adding solution / report

Mobile users have either an 8" tablet or an iPhone. In the area for them to write the solution / report, the most they can see is 4 lines of text, before they must scroll. This is inadequate as they cannot read what they have previously written an...
Peter Banks 12 months ago in Assets / UI / UX 1 Planned

Flow versioning - Make flow modify date visible on mobile app & record against each submitted flow

Would it be possible to create a version number and update it each time something new is added to the flow that would require a sync. When the user logs in can you capture the flow version from their device and compare it with the current live one...
Guest over 1 year ago in Flows 2 Awaiting Information

Ability to see hints or tooltips about items of interest on the jobs list

On the job list view, where each job could contain custom job alerts to notify the engineer or user that's going to complete the job that there is something of interest within this particular job. In my instance, there are images available, room a...
Spencer Lee over 1 year ago in Jobs / UI / UX 3 Future consideration

Shift Swapping

It would be good if I could swap my shifts with other users in mpro5. Other competitors offer this functionality.
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Time & Attendance 0 Future consideration

Kiosk mode for presenting simple data on-site

Some customers want to show simple information on a locked down tablet on-site. For example, the date the area was last visited, or the last audit score perhaps? It would be good if mpro5 could accommodate this, we have seen a competitor do so. Th...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Client Portal / Reporting 0 Future consideration

Add PayPal payment links within Flows

It may be useful for us to include simple PayPal payment links within flows which can be configured as needed to take a payment.
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows 0 Future consideration

Ability to trigger another flow based off the first and re-use data from it

Some competitors offer the ability to trigger another flow once the first has been completed and crucially re-use some of the data from the first flow. For example, a user could: Complete a flow gathering new customer information which then opens ...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Automation / Flows 0 Future consideration