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Integration to Zapier

It would be great if mpro5 could talk to Zapier, as this allows so many other systems to be connected to it. Jobs / Flows / Quotes / Invoices would be a good starting point.
Luke Jeffrey about 1 year ago in Integration 0 Duplicate

Online Queries within a Job

Online Lookup inside a job, the online look up is great off the hub screen, could we embed the same functionality inside a job – for example where the Tasks, Related Docs etc is (or similar to the CRM query for the 50 point check). For example, I'...
Dan Teare about 1 year ago in Jobs 2 Future consideration

Increase area for adding solution / report

Mobile users have either an 8" tablet or an iPhone. In the area for them to write the solution / report, the most they can see is 4 lines of text, before they must scroll. This is inadequate as they cannot read what they have previously written an...
Peter Banks 6 months ago in Assets / UI / UX 1 Planned

Contactless Online Signature Capture

Given COVID-19 and the push to contactless - it would be great if mpro5 could take a signature of a third party by letting them use their own device. Using their own device, they scan a QR code on the mpro5 app, they sign using a website or simila...
Luke Jeffrey about 1 year ago in Flows / Jobs 0 Future consideration

Provide an Integration Library for well-known apps

It would be great if mpro5 had a library of integration connectors available to it out of the box. For example, I may want to integrate to my CRM (Hubspot or similar) as well as my Accounts (Xero / Quickbooks) without having to go through a custom...
Luke Jeffrey about 1 year ago in Integration 0 Future consideration

Within the web client, ability to send and track emails related to a Job

This will keep all correspondence relating to a job together:Like on most CRM applications the ability to send email correspondence from within a job that will tag the email. Any replies automatically reattach within the job. The issue we have is ...
Spencer Lee about 1 year ago in  4 Duplicate

Ability to "Add Job to My Calendar" individually or in Bulk e.g. Outlook / GMail etc.

Outlook has powerful scheduling/categorisation/reminder/invite features. We could allow users to see their Jobs in Outlook and also Invite other Outlook users who do not have mpro5
Guest about 1 year ago in Jobs / Notifications 2 Future consideration

Ability to have different job numbers for each visit of a recurring job

We have had this a few times before - but the recurring job numbers always use the same job number as the one preceding it. We need the option to select if this issues a new job number on job create, or uses the existing job number - perhaps also ...
Dan Teare about 1 year ago in Jobs 2 Awaiting Information

Client portal ability to edit request associated with a job

Addition of an edit button to the Job Search on a portal login to edit the requests associated with the Job
Guest about 1 year ago in Client Portal / Jobs 0 Already exists

Client portal users should be able to search jobs by postcode

As a lot of jobs for some customers are assigned to specific stores or locations, it would be great to find these by postcode
Guest about 1 year ago in Client Portal 0 Already exists