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Selectable "Invoice to"

Currently when we create job tickets, the customer is where the invoice is issued to. Is there a means to still keep the Customer, but have an additional selection to chose where the "Invoice to" can be selected please? ( a bit like when you buy s...
Peter Banks 6 days ago in  1

Would like to change job details on the planner from Client PO to Customer details

I would like to to be able to identify the jobs on the planner by customer details as opposed to Client PO on the initial load of the planner. We use the planner to schedule and reallocate our jobs based on customer details.
Guest 14 days ago in  0

Storing documents against a User

Sometimes, users may have specific documents that they want to carry with them on their mobile device, but only visible to them and without making them available to other areas of the application. It would be useful if mpro5 could allow users to d...
Guest 24 days ago in  0

Drag & Drop Form Builder

The form building interface in mpro5 is very spreadsheet-like. It would be great it we could improve the UI to allow our team and customers to build flows using a drag & drop editor. A number of competitors offer this functionality.
Luke Jeffrey 10 months ago in Flows / UI / UX 2 Future consideration

Chat Functionality

It would be really useful if mpro5 could come with a chat feature that could be used for: Messages between mobile users Messages between web-based and mobile users Messages between web-based users System / broadcast messages from mpro5 as a whole ...
Luke Jeffrey 11 months ago in Notifications 0 Planned

Drag & Drop Capability for relationship creation / management

It would be really useful to provide some function that could be re-used to create relationships between items in mpro5 in bulk and quickly. For example, Filtering a grid of Sites Filtering a grid of Flows Dragging them together to create the assi...
Fred Whipp 10 months ago in Assets / Customers / Sites / Locations (CRM) / Depots / Flows / Jobs / UI / UX / Users 0 Awaiting Information

Change theme colours website and mobile

I am continually asked if there are any other colours available to more easily represent the branding of our customers. If the theming of the website and the mobile app could be controlled under the customer config this would be amazing.
Dan Teare 10 months ago in UI / UX 0 Planned

Increase area for adding solution / report

Mobile users have either an 8" tablet or an iPhone. In the area for them to write the solution / report, the most they can see is 4 lines of text, before they must scroll. This is inadequate as they cannot read what they have previously written an...
Peter Banks 3 months ago in Assets / UI / UX 1 Planned

Import Pre-Built Flows from a Template Library

When starting out with mpro5 - as a customer we have to wait for flows to be built either through the website or by the mpro5 team. If we could choose some pre-built workflows from a centralised repository (maybe broken down by industry / process)...
Luke Jeffrey 10 months ago in Flows / Imports 0 Future consideration

Integration to Zapier

It would be great if mpro5 could talk to Zapier, as this allows so many other systems to be connected to it. Jobs / Flows / Quotes / Invoices would be a good starting point.
Luke Jeffrey 12 months ago in Integration 0 Duplicate