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Drag & Drop Capability for relationship creation / management

It would be really useful to provide some function that could be re-used to create relationships between items in mpro5 in bulk and quickly. For example, Filtering a grid of Sites Filtering a grid of Flows Dragging them together to create the assi...
Fred Whipp 12 months ago in Assets / Customers / Sites / Locations (CRM) / Depots / Flows / Jobs / UI / UX / Users 0 Awaiting Information

Ability to have different job numbers for each visit of a recurring job

We have had this a few times before - but the recurring job numbers always use the same job number as the one preceding it. We need the option to select if this issues a new job number on job create, or uses the existing job number - perhaps also ...
Dan Teare about 1 year ago in Jobs 2 Awaiting Information

Flow versioning - Make flow modify date visible on mobile app & record against each submitted flow

Would it be possible to create a version number and update it each time something new is added to the flow that would require a sync. When the user logs in can you capture the flow version from their device and compare it with the current live one...
Guest 11 months ago in Flows 2 Awaiting Information

Ability to limit users in mobile app to working on one job at a time

We have an issue with a maintenance team opening several jobs at one time. We would like a feature that allows you to look at the job details, but on clicking 'OPEN' or 'ARRIVE' (to actually start the work) they are blocked with a pop up saying yo...
Dan Teare about 1 year ago in Jobs / Users 0 Awaiting Information

Ability to show/hide combinations of Notes / Next Steps fields based on the answer type

The ability to show/hide notes ,next ,step, photo etc (potentially working similarly to now off the answer type)
Guest about 1 year ago in Flows 0 Awaiting Information

Move quickly to next question upon selecting an answer in Dynamic Flow

It would be great to auto-move to the next question during Dynamic Flow when you tap an answer. I.e. it would be a setting that you can turn on for a question so that if you have a question that's Yes/No for example, as soon as you Tapped Yes you ...
Guest over 2 years ago in Flows 1 Awaiting Information

Ability to edit/update longitude & latitude of Sites on website

I use Site Longitude and Latitude which cannot be viewed or maintained via Website
Guest over 2 years ago in Customers / Sites / Locations (CRM) 0 Awaiting Information

Add Custom fields to Regions

Add custom data fields to regions so we can make use for certain scenarios where multiple regions share the same names.
Guest about 2 years ago in Customers / Sites / Locations (CRM) 0 Awaiting Information