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Drag & Drop Form Builder

The form building interface in mpro5 is very spreadsheet-like. It would be great it we could improve the UI to allow our team and customers to build flows using a drag & drop editor. A number of competitors offer this functionality.
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / UI / UX 2 Future consideration

Ability to see hints or tooltips about items of interest on the jobs list

On the job list view, where each job could contain custom job alerts to notify the engineer or user that's going to complete the job that there is something of interest within this particular job. In my instance, there are images available, room a...
Spencer Lee over 1 year ago in Jobs / UI / UX 2 Future consideration

Ability to put hub button(s) within settings screen instead of Hub Screen

It would be great to allow certain buttons to be placed in the settings screen, instead of just the main Hub or the World screen. For example - we have the Time & Attendance users using the same tablet to login as engineers and the ease of log...
Dan Teare over 1 year ago in Time & Attendance / UI / UX 0 Future consideration

Ability to see the date a Flow was created

A create date on the flow would be very useful. This is because there are regularly multiple versions of a form created, and a create date would be another (easier) way to distinguish between them.
Guest over 1 year ago in Flows / UI / UX 0 Future consideration