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Chat Functionality

It would be really useful if mpro5 could come with a chat feature that could be used for: Messages between mobile users Messages between web-based and mobile users Messages between web-based users System / broadcast messages from mpro5 as a whole ...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Notifications 0 Planned

CRM Contact Redirection

The ability to redirect on point notifications to other email addresses when CRM Contacts are on annual leave. Use Case: We have a Senior Manager that's currently on annual leave. He's responsible for over 20 site (Depots, Customers), we now have ...
Spencer Lee 5 months ago in Customers / Sites / Locations (CRM) / Notifications 5 Future consideration

Ability to "Add Job to My Calendar" individually or in Bulk e.g. Outlook / GMail etc.

Outlook has powerful scheduling/categorisation/reminder/invite features. We could allow users to see their Jobs in Outlook and also Invite other Outlook users who do not have mpro5
Guest over 1 year ago in Jobs / Notifications 2 Future consideration

Ability to export specific notification rules rather than ALL

Currently you can only export all rules from a system, this feature would be far more powerful if you could choose which rules to export, rather than just a flat file of them all
Guest over 2 years ago in Notifications 0 Future consideration

In-App Notification History

Users sometimes miss the push notifications generated by the system, but if there was a permanent icon on the app to say there are new notifications then jobs, etc. are less likely to be missed. Here is their exact request: "It would also be a gre...
Guest almost 2 years ago in Notifications 0 Duplicate