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Drag & Drop Capability for relationship creation / management

It would be really useful to provide some function that could be re-used to create relationships between items in mpro5 in bulk and quickly. For example, Filtering a grid of Sites Filtering a grid of Flows Dragging them together to create the assi...
Fred Whipp over 1 year ago in Assets / Customers / Sites / Locations (CRM) / Depots / Flows / Jobs / UI / UX / Users 0 Awaiting Information

Online Queries within a Job

Online Lookup inside a job, the online look up is great off the hub screen, could we embed the same functionality inside a job – for example where the Tasks, Related Docs etc is (or similar to the CRM query for the 50 point check). For example, I'...
Dan Teare over 1 year ago in Jobs 2 Future consideration

Contactless Online Signature Capture

Given COVID-19 and the push to contactless - it would be great if mpro5 could take a signature of a third party by letting them use their own device. Using their own device, they scan a QR code on the mpro5 app, they sign using a website or simila...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / Jobs 0 Future consideration

Ability to "Add Job to My Calendar" individually or in Bulk e.g. Outlook / GMail etc.

Outlook has powerful scheduling/categorisation/reminder/invite features. We could allow users to see their Jobs in Outlook and also Invite other Outlook users who do not have mpro5
Guest over 1 year ago in Jobs / Notifications 2 Future consideration

Ability to have different job numbers for each visit of a recurring job

We have had this a few times before - but the recurring job numbers always use the same job number as the one preceding it. We need the option to select if this issues a new job number on job create, or uses the existing job number - perhaps also ...
Dan Teare over 1 year ago in Jobs 2 Awaiting Information

Client portal ability to edit request associated with a job

Addition of an edit button to the Job Search on a portal login to edit the requests associated with the Job
Guest over 1 year ago in Client Portal / Jobs 0 Already exists

Ability to see hints or tooltips about items of interest on the jobs list

On the job list view, where each job could contain custom job alerts to notify the engineer or user that's going to complete the job that there is something of interest within this particular job. In my instance, there are images available, room a...
Spencer Lee over 1 year ago in Jobs / UI / UX 3 Future consideration

Ability to limit users in mobile app to working on one job at a time

We have an issue with a maintenance team opening several jobs at one time. We would like a feature that allows you to look at the job details, but on clicking 'OPEN' or 'ARRIVE' (to actually start the work) they are blocked with a pop up saying yo...
Dan Teare over 1 year ago in Jobs / Users 0 Awaiting Information

Have "View Related" button on Job Search

It would be very useful to see the "Relationships" view from the Job Search in some way
Guest over 1 year ago in Jobs 0 Will not implement

Ability to hide Job and Quote Statuses based on Depot

The ability to hide Job Statuses and Quote Statuses in multitenant environments would be hugely useful.
Guest almost 2 years ago in Depots / Jobs / Quotes 0 Future consideration