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Ability to Bookmark Regularly Generated Reports

Ability to bookmark regularly used filters, for example creating a monthly report where data from the dash boards is required by region, or regional manager for example, i have to create the same monthly report so having to redo the filters each t...
Guest about 2 months ago in  1

Prep report or Export bespoke info for our customers with prepaying customers themselves.

Our customer has prepaying or immediate payment customers, therefore they require, at least some of the information very quickly and if we could export some of that to them at the touch of a button, daily, then they would have what they need witho...
Guest 12 days ago in  0

Being able to bulk assign a flow to a group of sites

Currenlty I have to add a new flow to a new site one by one. We have 190 sites that I need to assign the new flow too. Being able to select a group and assign the flow in bulk would allow me to do this manually, instead of asking the mpro team to ...
Guest 3 months ago in  0

Drag & Drop Form Builder

The form building interface in mpro5 is very spreadsheet-like. It would be great it we could improve the UI to allow our team and customers to build flows using a drag & drop editor. A number of competitors offer this functionality.
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Flows / UI / UX 2 Future consideration

Chat Functionality

It would be really useful if mpro5 could come with a chat feature that could be used for: Messages between mobile users Messages between web-based and mobile users Messages between web-based users System / broadcast messages from mpro5 as a whole ...
Luke Jeffrey over 1 year ago in Notifications 0 Planned

Using the company email address to register the company

We're about to publish the MPRO5 desktop app within our in-tune app store. It would be beneficial if the user could register the company using their company email address. The app would lookup the company name after the @ ie @[
Spencer Lee 2 months ago in  0

The ability to add attachments/documents to notes

The ability to add attachments/documents to notes and being able to drag and drop them. My use case is that we have emails from our 3rd party contractors that we would like to link to a job, so everyone has fully visibility. On a previously CRM pa...
Spencer Lee 2 months ago in  0

Resources - Edit Resource Type

Ability to edit a resource's type once it has been uploaded, e.g. from Global to a specific Site or vice versa. Would currently require re-adding the resource and doing some tidy up which is a number of steps instead of being simply able to use a ...
Ruby Whipp 3 months ago in Resources 0

Include job type in search function in app

Our engineers would find it beneficial to be able to search their tasks by job type. For example "kick off meeting"
Heather Shuttleworth 3 months ago in  0

View the registered company from within the app

It would be useful to view the registered company from the settings screen within the app. When toggling from Live to UAT sometimes I get called away, on return i have to log out to check which company I'm logged into. It was suggested previously ...
Spencer Lee 3 months ago in  1